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Charity Fest
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The main objective of this club is to inculcate in the youth the need to be compassionate towards fellow beings and develop sense of giving, helping the destitute, children, aged men, women by providing voluntary help in the form of philanthropic activities.
Activities Undertaken
Collecting the articles like toys, story books stationery, grains & donating it during the visit to orphanage.
Selling the Newspaper & donating that amount.
Organizing Diwali fest (exhibition) of the articles made by students with the theme BEST OUT OF WASTE & to be sold & collect the money for charity.
‘Helping Hand to the orphanage by the school’
In the month of October, ‘Diwali Fest’ was organized under the Charity fest Club. The funds collected from this activity were decided to donate in the form of goods to the orphanage. So to donate the money for such a good social cause , we communicated with the well known orphanage named as `Sanmati Bal Niketan` founded by  Honorable Mrs. Sindhutai Sapkal at Manjri ,Pune.As  per their need, we bought the water purifier and donated it to them on 29 th November .

To make the children more aware and sensitize towards the society, this visit was arranged .The motive behind this donating activity was to imbibe the values into the students such as owing the gratitude towards the NGO’s and giving them the helping hand as well. After visiting and donating the good to the orphanage, we could see the big smiles on the faces of these underprivileged children. It made our students contented and pleased too!!!!
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