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Counseling at school level is always a support for student, parent and teacher. The counseling session gives in sight about various issues, for example "When child is not performing? There can be various aspects like some learning difficulty, emotionally disturbed, lack of confidence & motivating environment, exam anxieties health issues, and many more. These things will allow us to understand and help in dealing with students' performance as well as overall personality.
  Various techniques used:
Play therapy it should be noted that the techniques in play therapy help children to express themselves through games /activities. This enables us to identify particular traits in child also venting of emotions.

Flower therapy the remedies prescribed under flower therapy is based on personality traits. In the same line, handwriting, analysis, this also helps in understanding the mindset of a person.

Psychotherapies also allow us in guiding student at different level i.e. Academic performance, behavioral issues etc, through these therapies student is allowed to understand thoughts, replacing negative thought with positive thoughts.

We need to provide positive and motivating environment, at home, at school, to create strong and successful personalities we can get maximum result of counseling when school, student, and parents work together as team.
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