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Sports Activities
Spacious, classrooms with natural ventilation and lights
Excellent library facilities with adequate books. Magazines and periodicals
State-ofArt computer center with necessary accessories and software
Audiovisual teaching aids overhead projectors in 5 classrooms which are used on sharing basis.
Full-fledged laboratories –Physics ,chemistry and Biological Laboratory
Music /Dance Room
Indoor Outdoor sports facilities
Faculty plays the most important role in any academic institution to give individual attention and care for students. Dallied,trained,experienced and dedicated faculty members
Modern teaching system and methods.
Psychological testing of growth of intelligence and creativity /Counselor guidance
Computer education for all
Student-Teachers ratio 40.01
Vans on contract as per RTO rules & regulation 2009 connected to various points in thecity.
Effective and active PTA
Excursions and educational trips.
Constructive group interaction.
Indian and Western Music, Indian and Western dance forms, Yoga, crafts etc. Students are given ample opportunity in leadership training - opportunity to take part in school competitions, quiz and all reputed competitive exams like SOF etc.
Our curriculum responds to the learners’ needs in terms of their whole personality development. Necessary inputs are planned and provided to bring about changes in their personal and social behaviour besides developing in them the scholastic and co curricular aspects.

With a view to provide feedback for further improvement, some kind of assessment or evaluation becomes essential. The relevance, reliability and validity of the evaluation procedures determine the quality of feedback, which has to be derived for ensuring qualitative improvement among learners.
Empowered Assessment
With the above focus in mind, City International  SchoolSatara Road has developed an evaluation package:
  • The Academic year begins in April. First Term is from April to September & the Second term is from October to March
  • Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation ( CCE) of the student will be done throughout the Academic Year.
  • There will be two Terminal Examination. The First one will be held in September 2014 & the Second one will be in March 2015 & subsequently the  final result will be declared in  the last week of March 2015.
  • The dates for the different types of Assessments will be notified by the school.
  • Evaluation is done in cooperative spirit.
  • Evaluation is participatory and transparent.
  • The fear of external examinations, settled in the minds of children from a very tender age, is minimised.
  • Continuous evaluation is done through keen observations
  • Periodical assessment of learning to diagnose the areas of competencies and difficulties for arranging special instructions.
  • Comprehensive evaluation to take a holistic view of learners’ progress covering scholastic, personality and co curricular aspects.
  • Inter learner comparisons is minimised.
  • The evaluation process is demystified and made transparent by taking parents into confidence.
  • The communication of the outcomes is in a positive manner, which in turn encourages learners to face this process readily rather than taking it as an imposed ordeal.
  • Graded and age appropriate evaluation tools to restore the spirit of the process.
School Education is undergoing a seismic shift brought by technology. Educators need to quickly and effectively transform content and deliver it to meet the changing needs of today’s students. We have Tata class edge in the school, to promote E-learning.
  • It is an online learning process.
  •  It is flexible because it can be used for all levels in the school from Pre-Primary, Primary to Secondary.
  • It helps the students in learning by doing process. When students use class edge they watch the videos, experience on hand learning and are directly involved in the learning process. This helps them to retain the subject, increases their confidence and thinking skills to perform better.
Class Edge is really beneficial for students as it helps them to work at their own pace, control their learning, and learn from a patient Tutor and activities keep them alive. It’s beneficial to Teachers because it saves time for more challenging topics, allows creative work, increases student’s concentration and time for discussion and replaces in effective learning activities.
Tata Class Edge
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