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Green School Movement
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The main aim of this club is to develop green consciousness, promote awareness & social responsibility. This club aims to promote gardening & lesson a sense of responsibility of nourishing the plants & provide service to our community. Activity conducted under this club helps students to be active physically & spiritually involved with nature.
Activities Undertaken
Creating awareness about the minimum usage of electricity by switching off the tube light & fan whenever the work place is not in use. Having a check on electric meter & recording the reading.
Using paper judiciously & reusing the used paper. Spreading the fever of minimum consumption of paper audit of issue & its consumption.
Organizing rally to create awareness to reduce pollution.
Visiting organic farm. By doing so our students will be empowered with the knowledge of eco friendly farming system & emphasis on biological system.
Planting & nourishing medicinal plants with the label of the species to which it belongs.
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan/Campaign launched in our school of ‘Clean India’ & our students be part of India’s biggest cleanliness drive.
No Plastic zone- Create awareness on the hazards of using plastic & save environment by discouraging use of plastic & polythene bags & encourage to use cloth /paper bags.
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