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Primary School, being a child’s first experience in formal schooling can be an anxious time for both children and parents. That is why we have taken special care to create a warm, welcoming and cheerful environment, in which children feel secure and happy. An environment that makes them feel to cometo school each morning. In this stage children learn the foundational skills necessary to be successful in the higher levels of education.
We at CIS Satara road believe that, these are very delicate and blooming years in child’s life. We use modern teaching methods to make learning effective.
CIS Satara road is following CCE pattern of evaluation. The main aim of CCE is to evaluate every aspect of the child.  The new process of evaluation will be continuous and spread over the entire academic year. It will be “Comprehensive” as it will cover both the scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of students’ growth and development.It will encourage and enable the child to deal effectively with changing demands of education.
We are conducting different co-curricular activities to find out hidden talents of our students. The indoor and outdoor activities are essential for the child’s all-round development.
We take our students for educational excursions and picnics. Field trips are a highlight of the school for children. They can learn more about the world and how to interact with others when they leave the protected environment of the classroom.
Values are foundation of human life. To inculcate values in our children we conduct different activities in our school like songs, skits, dance, group discussions etc. We also conduct our daily assembly based on moral values. We provide a platform to our students where they participate at state, national and international levels like state scholarship, NTS, Olympiad, NSTSE and Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations. We also encourage participation in CBSE sports matches, CBSE Science exhibition etc.
In this way we look in to overall Holistic development of our students.
Following Activities have been conducted from April 2014 till date:
Poem Recitation
Boat Making
Wrist Band or Bangle Decoration
Classroom Decoration
Banner and Poster Making
Independence Day
Teachers Day
Child Safety Day
Child safety
Academic Activities:
Kick Plastic Week
Drawing on ‘My first day in the school’ (Std I)
Making alphabet and world bag (Std I and II)
Speech on Festivals (Std III)
Making Roman numbers by ice cream sticks (Std III and IV)
Speech on national leaders (Std IV)
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