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Space Club - Antariksh
Space club in the school has the sole objective of introducing the children to the amazing world of cosmos around us. It aims at creating awareness amongst the children about the efforts made by man to explore the new worlds beyond the earth, be it the milky way or other galaxies. The impetus to space technology was in a way pioneered by the successful landing of man on the moon and the words by the famous Neil Armstrong, “One small step by man, one giant leap for mankind”. It indeed proved to be a leap into space technology. So space club is a small step in our school to introduce our budding astronauts into a world of space and space technology.
In an effort to provide a practical and creative knowledge to children through space club, activities appropriate to their ages were given.
  1. The primary students were asked to make charts on topics related to space as simple as the phases of moon, solar and lunar eclipse, sun, moon, constellations, comets, meteoroids, meteors, Aryabhatta, INSAT satellites, Hubble telescope, black holes, worm holes and facts about different planets in our milky way. They have done a commendable work of not only preparing the charts and models based on the above topics but were able to explain their creativity to their fellow mates. 
  2. The above activities laid a foundation for more complicated aspects of creating a working model of solar system and rocket launching techniques which were demonstrated on the ground by the secondary students.  The principle used in the launching of the space shuttle proved to be an eye opener to the students which started creating an interest in the children about space.
  3.  Models and facts about launching of Mangalyaan, a proud moment in the history of India, was also presented in the assembly and displayed in the lobby for the students.
  4. The students also depicted models of Mars mission by India and presented some important facts on International space station(ISS).
  5. They have made space suits using creative ideas and explained the role of the same in space.
  6. They demonstrated in the assembly how the astronauts experience less gravity on the moon, models of space shuttles and the like. 
  7. A trip to Science Park was also organised on the 22nd of December in this regard.
If these initiatives by our space club teachers help in creating a few inquisitive minds, then our mission is successful and deemed to be accomplished in the first year of launching of the club. “One small step by our club, one giant leap for our school”.
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