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ISA Project VII Std.
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Anushka Chopada: Good work done bye seventh standard students
Dnyaneshwari Shende: Awesome work, really inspired.... keep it up.
Tauheed bhatkar: nice and very good work  keep it up
shafik: very good job
Sandip Bhosale: good creation
Sayali Ippalpalli: ISA project - A good, creative and intellectual activity.Also, This project is very useful for academic improvement of students.
-Mount Carmel Convent High School,9th Grade.
Kazi Tabassum: It was a good experience to work on the project like this which gave knowledge of both the historical moments.
Sameer Naik: The work presented by these students is worth praise.They have learned the history in an innovative way .the best part we can see that they are enjoying it.
Tanishq Rankhambe: We come to a lots about interesting fact about Taj Mahal &  Pyramids.Good work done.
Gautami: both the cultures are understood really well...... good job students keep it up :)
Arya Deshmukh: Awesome work done by students....!! All the charts and models were attractive and informative ...!
Gururaj Deshpande: A greatest attempt by students to present ancient art & provide information. Excellent job done.
Keep it up !!
Suhas Gangawane: Upcoming improvement. Proud of u class 7.
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