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  Academics - CBSE - Pre Primary
Pre Primary
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It all starts from the moment the little child enters the school gates holding the hand of their parents, in cute uniforms, tiny cartoons bags, and wonder in their eyes.

Slowly the tiny hand is led by the teacher and the child embarks on his/her most memorable journey ……..schooling.

Pre School ……. A place of fun, laughter, colours and gaiety with academics blended in fun and frolics. The little ones are trained for various life skills along with celebrations, festivals and activities. We are equipped with teachers who are not just trained but also have a passion for teaching.

It’s not just a job for them ….It’s a promise to cherish, love, protect and nurture the little children along with education. Preschool is the first tiny step towards Creating Global Citizens..

  Ashadi Ekadashi
Ashadi Ekadashi is celebrated each year with great enthusiasm .The children come dressed as ‘Warkaris’ .Teachers tell stories related to the various saints and abhangs are played in the background. A palkhi was decorated by the teachers and a procession taken out in the school premises.
  Pitter Patter Day
The children welcome the rain by celebrating this day. They go out in the rain, along with their teachers wearing colourful raincoats and carrying cute little umbrella. Song related to rain are played in the background and everyone enjoyed being out in the rain. It’s fun without the sun. !!!
  Independence Day
Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm children were dressed up representing different states and had a cultural walk with teachers talking about the state they represent. JR.KG sang the song ‘We shall overcome’ in their sweet melodious voice. SR.KG children dressed up as leaders and spoke few lines about them. They simply enthralled everyone with their confidence.
Janmahstami was enjoyed by all the children. The little ones look adorable dressed up as Radha and Krishna .The teachers performed a skit for the children depicting the life of Shri Krishna. The decorated ‘Dahi Handi’ was ready for all the Krishnas, to break. It was the high point of the celebration.
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